i love your drawings aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

thanks bruh


Okay lets try drawing another jojo character that isnt polnareff you got this neko.




(X) I think this is the first time i drew Hol

have you seen my cherries Jotaro

have you seen my cherries Jotaro

Dear Diary

my ship game is strong and Kakyoin owes me $20. Winner winner chicken dinner.

i didnt draw a super gay DIO today! I did it ma!

bish whet

the joke weza-reporto and i keep throwing at eachother

diego doodles

9/9 Livestream sketch Jouta (J+K Egg baby mystery)

8/9 Livestream sketch Hot mom Noriaki Kakyoin

7/9 Livestream sketch Jotaro(4)

6/9 Livestream sketch request Gappy